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The Collected Tweets of @goatunit (part 3) - Tanning Beds Explode (with rich women inside) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The Collected Tweets of @goatunit (part 3) [Jan. 28th, 2013|03:55 am]
I bet a documentary called "Whooping Cough: The Silent Killer" would probably be pretty poorly researched.

I'm not judging, but the thing I don't get about furries is that an actual 6' dogman wouldn't be even a little erotic.

If you step to me, son, you better not blink / or you'll be markin' down your hit point damage in ink.

I can roll a one, and I still won't miss / increase two-handed weapon skill every time that I piss

Spellbook so thick, it's a terrible burden / straight crushin' them dungeons like Drizzt Do'Urden

But the rumors keep flyin' at the Toppling Flagon / cause I'm wearin' more bling than a platinum dragon

Trying to make a pro/con list for becoming a hardcore coke addict, but everything is in both columns.

I bet if you saw a dude dressed in rags in Gondor, you would have to seriously wonder whether he was a wizard or a homeless or both. #Hobbit

Also, you know there are guys in Bree that hate addressing hobbits and dwarves by species. 50/50 chance. Guess wrong, you're racist.

Rich libertarians are annoying, it's true. But poor libertarians are adorable.

I bet the best part about being blind is having a good friend who will lie to you about how popular you are on the internet.

[User Picture]From: tcpip
2013-01-28 10:11 am (UTC)
I bet the best part about being blind is having a good friend who will lie to you about how popular you are on the internet.

Ahh, if only that were true. But from my limited experience of five blind people I know, all of them are very heavy users of the Internet.
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[User Picture]From: goatunit
2013-01-30 01:05 am (UTC)
So what you're telling me is that there are few perks? Can they at least get away with not caring about fashion?

Being serious, though, what brought you into contact with so many blind folks? I met a few while doing a public works job, painting crosswalks and stuff. Getting community input on making intersections safer and all that. I've not had a lot of experience with the handicapped beyond that, which is unfortunate. I'm sure it must be very rewarding to know people who see the world so differently. There was a very cool radiolab episode about that recently.
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[User Picture]From: tcpip
2013-01-30 01:32 am (UTC)
Yeah, no concerns about fashion dramas :)

My contact with blind people actually comes through my participation in Linux communities - the local user group makes quite a contribution to the local IT for Disabilities Working Party. There is a number of people there who have a strong interest in ensuring accessibility, through devices, platforms, and people, and a strong interest in developing screen readers like Orca.

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[User Picture]From: luzclarita
2013-01-28 09:13 pm (UTC)
That's so true about libertarians.
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